Welcome to Yield ! Are you ready getting crystal clear?


This is documentation for an old release of Yield (version 4.3). The documentation of the latest stable release (version 4.8) is coming soon

This software visualises material defects in crystals scanned with Scientific Visual equipments such SapphiroScan™ and SapphiroScope™. Featuring defect review, analysis and classification, it provides the means to monitor quality of individual steps in crystal manufacturing sequence with micrometer precision.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Yield is an encyclopedia.

What is it for?

Yield is the 3D Model Viewer developed by Scientific Visual.

Yield is developed for people working with Scientific Visual equipment and producing tomographic scans and 3D model reconstructions. It allows visualisation, manipulation and edition of 3D model in a optimized interface for crystal industries.

Free and Pro Versions

Yield is available in our website and is coming by default in Free/Demo version where some features including support are limited.

The Pro version of the software is distributed by machine for a single user or company. Please have a look to our pricing table for more information about our policy.

Key Features

  • 3D Model visualisation (SVCM files)

  • 2D Scanner data visualisation (if SVCI files are available)

  • Defect clustering with statistics

  • Simple 3D Model edition and highlighting

  • 3D Model to MP4 (coming soon)

  • 3D Model sharing (coming soon)

  • Limited yield computation of wafering

  • (Pro) Advanced yield computation

  • (Pro) Advanced metrics computation

  • (Pro) Additional Scanning metadata

  • (Pro) Generation of Certified model (coming soon)