Welcome to Scientific Visual’s documentation!

Scientific Visual offers quality control scanners that visualise volume defects, such as bubbles, cracks and cloudiness, in raw crystals.

They identify imperfections in pre- and post- polished sapphire, ruby, glass, fluorites, SiC and multitude of semiconductor crystals.

Our scanners ensure that only the best quality material enters the costly processing stream. The quality grades are adaptable to customers’ needs.

Scientific Visual services three key markets: watch, semiconductor and smartphone manufacturers.



Automated inspection tool for watch sapphire.


Grade defects in your Verneuil-grown crystals.


Automated inspection tool for LED and smartphone sapphire.

Software Suite 4


Cross-platform tool for viewing 3D models produced by Scientific Visual equipments.

SVCI Viewer

Cross-platform tool for viewing raw tomographic data captured by Scientific Visual equipments.