Installing Yield


This is documentation for an old release of Yield (version 4.3). The documentation of the latest stable release (version 4.8) is coming soon

System Requirements

We strongly recommend a computer fewer than 3 years old

We recommend the following operating system:

  • Windows: 10 or newer

With the following configuration

  • Processor: Minimum 64-bit dual core 2Ghz; Recommended 64-bit quad core or more

  • Hard Drive: Minimum 1 GB; (+ several MB or GB per model file)

  • Memory (RAM): Minimum 8 GB; Recommended 16 GB or above

  • Graphics card: Minimum 1 GB RAM, OpenGL 2.1

  • Display: Optimized for Full HD (1920 x 1080)

  • Connection: Ethernet (LAN) OR a wireless adapter (Wi-Fi) for updates, external help and pro version activation

Yield requires OpenGL 2.1 for displaying 3D graphics. Please make sure to install the latest drivers from your graphics card manufacturer website. In some cases, it could be that no compatible driver is available for your hardware and operating system combination. We recommend Nvidia Graphics card and Windows 10 for best results.

Intel: Ivy Bridge architecture or newer (post 2012)

Nvidia: Kepler architecture or newer (post 2012)

AMD: Southern Islands architecture or newer (post 2012)

Download Yield

All Yield version can be downloaded anytime on our main website via the Software page.


The downloaded version of Yield is unactivated and considered as the Demo version.


Demo 3D model are also available to download. They are freely available for personal use and promotion of the software. Feel free to share them mentioning Scientific Visual.

How to install

The procedure for installing a binary, either the latest stable release or any other version, is the same. Follow the steps for your platform.


Yield doesn’t have a built-in updating system yet. This means you will need to update Yield yourself by following the installing steps described in the sections below.